The nearly official end of season post

Fireman #43 AdminFerrariTORacer posted Mon at 10:38

Hi there!

The season finale on home soil, we were looking forward to that one. But it didnt turn out to be that way. League 2 did indeed finish the season in the UK but it was hardly spectaculair as Jam (Renault) had already won the season. *Insert salt here*

However with just 1 race remaining in League 1 I would like to announce another champion. F1XL Raikkonnen (Renault) has won the championship. He has a 51 point lead going in the USA GP re-run. Congratulations!

League 3 has (rather amusingly) 3 re-runs to do and its between two drivers atm. F1XL Nik (Renault) has a slight advantage over Slowdog (Redbull). This is one to look out for guys!

As a little sidenote, the ASR date will be the 19th of March, more information will be released later this week.

furthermore, as you may know the Admins have a meeting every once in a while to talk about the various things going on in the league and what we will be doing with the next season. We are currently assessing a load of options for various things. If you have an idea for the next season or maybe just as a filler thing, let us know! You can message your ideas to F1XL Sainz and FiremanPvW. 

That's all folks!