Corner Cutting Rules - Decision

Mr Tazo OwnerL3 ChampRacer posted Fri at 14:38

This has been a major discussion point for the new season with many debates appearring on the site chatbox as well as the forums. This debate has also been amongst the admin team with several different very valid points being put forward by both sides. We have listened to everyone and taken everyones opinions into consideration.

The vote was made between the staff team and a majority vote towards Strict rules was decided. So for the new season, we will be running strict rules for Season 8.

However, what i have decided, with the backing off the full staff team, is that we are going to put these rules in with 2 probation periods to monitor these to see if there are major issues with this or if it is reacting like we expect it to be.

The probation periods for these rules will be after 5 weeks and after 10 weeks, in which i will sit down with the staff team, and discuss the impact of the rules, and whether these are indeed working correctly, or if we do need to make some adjustments.

On top of this, we will be recommending that any punishments you receive which you feel are unjust, you will be allowed to appeal these. This comes with a warning too. The staff team will be taking a note of all warnings and punishments after races in the race director, so will be checking this to see exactly when and why the penalty was awarded, and if we feel it has been awarded correctly, no action will be taken.

If you have ANY questions for me regarding this decision or other information regarding this, please feel free to message me and i will try and answer these as best as i can.