Team Owners Announcement! Build up to Season 8

Mr Tazo OwnerL3 ChampRenaultTO posted Sep 1, 16

Tonight, we will be letting you know of Team Owners, league format for season 8, as well as important dates coming up in the next 10 days, and trust me, there are many of these dates approaching.

We shall begin with the format for next season. We have currently 45 applicants for Season 8, with another 2-3 to be confirmed. Because of this, we are going to be running 3 leagues next season, with 7 teams, and a handful of free agents. Our reason for this is we have too many to run 2 leagues of 22, but we dont have 48 confirmed drivers to form 8 teams of 6 drivers. The free agents will be spread across the 3 leagues to try and minimize there being too many in 1 league, and if we do find we go above and beyond 48 drivers, we will make an 8th team with these drivers added to that team.

Now, because of our numbers for the new season, there are going to be 7 Team Owners. I would like to thank all applicants who put their name in the hat to become a Team owner and im sure if we had looked at more team owners, we would almost certainly have picked some of you, but there are only 7 confirmed team owners, and below are the lucky 7

Mr Tazo - Fucking Renault

King Mikee - Williams

Zyg0n SK - Red Bull

F1XL Punisher - Ferrari

GTR Blaze - Mercedes

Splazerrazer51 - McLaren

Vidal l 23 l - Haas

The next question everyone will ask is "what cars are they going to be driving?!" and "when can we get signed up?". All of these questions should hopefully be answered below with the important dates for the build up for season 8

Wednesday 7th September - Transfer window - 7.30 - 10.00pm - Coverage will be across the site throughout that day

Thursday 8th September - Leagues officially announced to drivers (Team owners informed Wednesday)

Sunday 11th September - Season start - 9pm

I hope this covers it, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any other staff member



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