Mr Tazo OwnerRacer posted Tue at 20:00

So we are officially into the off season now, and it means we have 2 Sundays free between now and the beginning of next season.

Naturally, this means we have some work to do as a staff team with announcement's coming thick and fast, and we have 2 weekends to try and keep you guys amused between now and then! Therefore I have planned out the competitions.

Sunday 26th March - Rocket League 2vs2 competition! - This will be open for anyone who is interested in a rocket league 2vs2 competition. It will be starting at 8pm on Sunday and will have a group stage, and knockout competition afterwards.

Sunday 2nd April, F1XL F1 Cup - This is a debut for something a little different. This will be a 1 night cup, also starting at 8pm, and will feature hopefully alot of drivers. This will be groups of 6 or 8, with 6 races of 3 laps. It will be seeded, and it will be every driver for themselves, the bottom half of the group will be eliminated after the 6 races, with the top half progressing. The points system will be announced at a later stage. This will be open to all drivers looking to enter.

We hope these 2 events will interest you, and we also hope we can get some streamers for the 2 nights as well. There may be commentators in at least the semis and finals of both of these events on the night as well on the official F1XL twitch account and another account tb.

If you would like to enter these, please fill out the application form below, and we will be confirming entrants for rocket league by Saturday at 7pm, so please make sure your application is in in time.

Thanks and we hope to see you Sunday